Tuesday, 19 January 2021 04:21

Gone: Taking travel for granted

The Covid-19 crisis and associated lockdowns will mean that people will take travel less for granted than perhaps they have in the past, says Adam Armstrong, chief executive officer of Contiki Holidays.

Speaking in an international webinar late last year, Armstrong says the brand’s recent campaign – Make Travel Count – has been asking people what they are going to do when they travel in 2021.

‘There is a consistent desire to travel, but an increased emphasis on leaving places better than we find them and reducing our carbon footprint. There’s more interest in smaller, second cities and more remote destinations.’

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The shortening of booking timelines, driven by uncertainty, is likely to be an added challenge for the trade in the foreseeable future, says Adam Armstrong, chief executive officer of Contiki.

Armstrong says the youth market is definitely keen to travel and research indicating a relatively quick rebound in the sector is born out by interest and bookings around the world – including New Zealand  – as the company looks to reboot operations next month.

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Monday, 07 May 2018 23:28

Silversea’s new MD, AU & NZ

Adam Armstrong will join Silversea Cruises as managing director Australia & New Zealand. Currently associate vice president & managing director Australia & New Zealand for Royal Caribbean, Armstrong joins Silversea at a time of growth and a period of significant investment in Australia and New Zealand for the cruise line.

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