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Expedia TAAP: New features

Features such as the new TAAP Quotation tool have proved a hit with New Zealand agents, says Expedia TAAP’s director travel agent distribution, Stuart Udy. This tool enables a TAAP agent to create a quote in seconds.

‘NZ agents have embraced the feature in just a few weeks and are among the top adopters worldwide,’ says Udy.

Efficiencies are also boosted due to TAAP Back Office API (application programming interface) integrating to agency platforms.

‘Agency platforms using the API retrieve Expedia TAAP bookings and download itineraries into their back office again in seconds,’ Udy adds.

Tramada has been using the integration successfully for a few years and other platforms are integrating the API for release shortly.

Meantime, management/quoting platforms have also enabled the integration of these services for clients. 

‘Demand is roaring back and we know many agencies are short staffed,’ says Udy, who looks after the Expedia TAAP programme for ANZ.

‘These integrations are important in the current environment.’

Domestic bookings are still strong and growing but international bookings now take up the majority of destination demand – 75% of bookings are now international which is around the pre-Covid ratio.

The top five countries showing the largest demand are USA, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

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