Kiwis look to hit the road

Kiwis look to hit the road

Travel agents have been quick to embrace an international touring option newly available in the New Zealand market, says Tui Davenport, reservations and sales manager for Worldwide Caravan & Motorhome Holidays.

‘Agents are contacting us and saying they have had enquiries for motorhome holidays in Europe or other destinations in the past but they didn’t know where to go to access this so they have steered them towards a self-drive (car) holiday instead,’ says Davenport.

Worldwide Caravan & Motorhome Holidays offers both escorted and independent tours and has a brochure available in New Zealand detailing options in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Southern Africa and Australia. The escorted option allows people to travel on their own during the day but meet at a pre-arranged site with other travellers and a guide in the evening. Independent tours follow a suggested itinerary with pre-booked, inspected campsites, but clients are also welcome to tailor-make their own itineraries.

Davenport says a number of factors have worked in favour of motorhome touring over the last couple of years.

‘A lot of New Zealanders bought a motorhome or a campervan, while others took advantage of the deals being offered by rental companies when the borders were closed. They have discovered how enjoyable this style of travel is and want to travel the same way overseas.

‘There is also the safety and security aspect of being in their own bubble. Some people are still nervous about being in big groups.

‘This way they can mix and mingle as much or as little as they like.’

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