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More features for Expedia-TAAP

Expedia Group has a number of new features available to members of the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) including an improved accommodation quote process and the recently revealed extension of Expedia’s Live Agent Chat to agents.

‘As part of our commitment to help travel agents deliver for the travellers they serve, Expedia Group is further innovating our TAAP solutions to put the most useful tools at their disposal,’ saysTAAP retail distribution director ANZ Stuart Udy.

Live Agent Chat connects TAAP advisors directly with a human agent online at any time. The service will now be accessible in New Zealand and many other markets.

The new capabilities within the quotation service lets TAAP agents name and save quotes for future reference, review and modify quotes, and quickly begin booking from a saved quote. The update allows advisors to track and manage all their quotes in a single place for improved visibility and convenience.

Expedia Group has also announced a growing suite of marketing assets for agents, including more than 300 customisable templates for social media, email marketing, banners and more. The marketing suite is designed to help TAAP agents gain a competitive edge by increasing visibility and engagement with travellers.

‘TAAP agents can quickly resolve booking questions so that they can save time and focus on delivering exceptional traveller experiences,’ says Udy.

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