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TAAP trade website progressing

Expedia TAAP is continuing to develop its new trade-focused website and agents can expect to see the gradual migration to the new platform over the next quarter.

Stu Udy, director travel agent distribution, says the move will allow Expedia TAAP to provide more agent specific tours and to show package rates and stand alone rates on the same screen for quick comparison.

A quotation tool will allow agents to make their quotes in seconds and put their own branding on the document.

‘We have other features to be announced soon,’ Udy adds.

In Auckland this week for one of his regular visits from across the Tasman, Udy says agents have been giving him feedback that their business is still going strong and they are utilising Expedia TAAP because it is quick and easy to use.

He says more than 1,000 cities / destinations have been booked by agents here in the last quarter. The USA is number one, with O’ahu in Hawaii and New York topping the popularity there.

Countries that have also come in the top 10 are Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Cook Islands and Singapore.

‘There has always been a lot of interest in Italy and we’ve seen good pick up for that recently.’

Udy points out that Expedia TAAP is running a webinar on the destination next Thursday at 2pm.

Register HERE.

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