New Caledonia Tourism’s E-Learning programme has new modules New Caledonia Tourism’s E-Learning programme has new modules

New Cal enhances e-learning

Travel agents are being encouraged to become a New Caledonia Specialist through New Caledonia Tourism’s e-learning programme.

The destination has introduced three new modules (in addition to the first three launched at the end of 2020) as well as an initiative to protect New Caledonia’s biodiversity.

New Caledonia has chosen ethical and environmentally friendly gifts to engage and encourage learners of the New Caledonia Specialist e-learning programme. Each level of certification gives agents access to various prizes, from exclusive digital content to download and monthly prize draws (Proficient level - level 1), to a famil in New Caledonia (Expert level - level 3). When a learner reaches the Advanced level (level 2), New Caledonia Tourism will make a donation to the leading non-for-Profit organisation, WWF, specifically towards its bush regeneration programme also called SEVE Project. (‘sève’ in French means ‘sap’ - the fluid which circulates in the vascular system of a plant)

The SEVE Programme’s mission is to regenerate Caledonian bushes and forests and preserve the native flora and eco-system as well as to involve schools and develop sustainability and environment awareness among children.

New Caledonia Tourism’s general manager, Julie Laronde says that with the hope of borders reopening early 2022, the orgnaisation is committed to ensuring that agents in New Zealand have access to all the tools they need to start selling the destination again.

The training platform is free and features six modules:
1. Discover New Caledonia
2. Life in New Caledonia
3. Practical Information
4. Accommodation
5. What to do in New Caledonia
6. Sustainable Tourism

Travel agents can unlock a range of benefits as they progress to the next status level.


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