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Tourism Fiji releases Matai 2.0

Tourism Fiji has launched its new and reworked Matai 2.0 online agent training programme for travel agents across the globe.

The Matai relaunch is a way for agents to reacquaint themselves with the destination following the reopening of Fiji’s international borders.

The new programme has been designed to be more interactive and visually stimulating, with a better user interface experience for enhanced functionality. There will be regularly added courses and modules that will give tips for selling Fiji, including topics such as how to maximise agents’ own social media channels to reach their customers.

‘After 20 months of border closures, the travel industry has changed, and we felt it was important to update our training programme, to help new agents coming into the industry learn the destination or allow previously registered agents to relearn and get updates on the destination again in a new and refreshed way,’ says Tourism Fiji CEO, Brent Hill.

The new three-tier system means training and learning won’t stop once agents have become a Fiji Matai Specialist. Agents now have the ability to reach silver and gold levels, unlocking additional benefits as they go through the tiers.

Agents will be able to discover all the tourism products and experiences Fiji currently has to offer and learn how to help their clients select a region that’s perfect for them, including understanding the best resorts for luxury, romance, diving, adventure, and other niche experiences.

‘With almost two years without international visitors in Fiji, this time allowed our team to work with new content creators and shoot new imagery and videos which we know will keep inspiring agents to sell Fiji, bringing Fiji to life as they learn,’ trade partnerships manager for New Zealand, Tom Svensen says.

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