Luke Fryett Luke Fryett

Coffee tours benefit community

A new tour puts the focus on a successful initiative that empower Fijian women and communities, while at the same time gives visitors an insight into an emerging coffee enterprise in the country.

Bula Coffee Fiji has been working with villages that harvest wild growing coffee for the last 10 years but only launched the Crop to Cup Coffee Tour about a month ago.

Director Luke Fryett says the trip is now listed with local operator Rosie Holidays and will soon offer pick-ups from hotels and resorts.

The one-and-a-half to two-hour tour of the Bula Coffee Fiji premises costs F$99 (children under 15 free) and includes 200 grams of coffee to take away, coffee tasting throughout and an insight into the whole process from harvest to roasting, plus stories about the history of the company and the communities it works with.

Fryett points out that at present the  operation is 100% wild harvest but there is potential for commercial operations.

‘I think people, now more than ever before, are looking for a connection with the place they visit and a story around what they do there. We fit in well with that.’

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