A recent group on arrival at Mauke A recent group on arrival at Mauke

Cooks' Southern Group tours

Island Hopper Vacations has itineraries, rates and dates for its Southern Group departures in 2023.

This follows a successful recent charter that visited four islands in eight nights and resulted in enthusiastic reviews.

Island Hopper Vacations managing director, Robert Skews says adventure packages are designed to provide an intimate window into the culture and history of each island, as well as giving the opportunity to experience their natural beauty, engage with the locals and experience island life.

The tours visit Mangaia with a guided island tour on arrival at the airport including a visit to the Golden Shells, to learn about making the shell eis the Mangaian’s call ‘ei pupu’.

On Mauke, the Garden Isle, a tour includes sandy coves, a dip in a fresh water cave pool, plus historical sites.

The third island, Mitiaro, is famed for its fresh water twin lakes in the centre of the island.

At Atiu, the group visits a coffee plantation, learns how to make tapa cloth and prepares an umu (underground cooking oven) – and later in the day, enjoys the feast. In the evening, guests visit an Atiu Tumunu, a two-century old tradition where the local men gather to enjoy a fruit-based alcoholic brew.

The tours include two nights and a guided tour on each island, with breakfast and dinner daily.

It requires a minimum of eight people to operate, maximum 11 people plus a guide. Set 2023 departure dates are 16-24 February, 23-31 March, 10-18 August, 19-27 October and 9-18 November.


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