Whales have arrived early at Niue this season Whales have arrived early at Niue this season

Niue whale season starts early

Niue welcomed the first migratory Oceania humpback whales to its shores last week, marking an early start to the traditional season, which runs from July to October. During this time, pods of humpback arrive to calve and nurse their young in the sheltered sanctuary of Niue.

Land-based whale watching is some of the best in the world. Visitors at the Crazy Uga Café have already enjoyed a lunch time special of breaching whales just metres from shore. The arrival of the whales is an addition to an array of nature-based experiences the island is renowned for.

Land-based viewing platforms are positioned at vantage points around the island. Ocean-side cafes and the Scenic Matavai Niue Resort offer viewing points with the added benefit of local hospitality.

For clients wanting to immerse themselves into the world of the whales, on and underwater experiences can be had with experienced local operators. In-water interactions are monitored and managed to uphold the safety and respect of both humans and whales.

Dive! Tutukaka operates a Niue-based dive company, Niue Blue, offering experiential and educational encounters. Fish Niue also adds guided whale encounters to its water and nature-based activities. www.niueisland.com

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